Kennels & Cattery, Somerset

Cuddle Buddies

When approached by a local residential home to go in every week with some friendly dogs to meet and cuddle the residents, we thought what a ‘brilliant’ idea and so set up the scheme ‘Cuddle Buddies’. We have three very eager dogs now that visit local residential homes, bringing fun and smiles to the residents.

The Cuddle Buddies


Daisy is a Labrador that was dumped as a puppy with hip dysplasia, so we decided we couldn’t rehome her and kept her with us at the kennels. She is very gentle and clever - in many of the homes she visits she knows the layout based on who saves her the most biscuits!

Dog: Daisy


Sasha is a Samoyed, another rescue dog as she has a congenital ear defect making her prone to on-going ear infections which require medication. Sasha loves the residents and will sit and lick several of the resident legs!

dog: Sasha


Our newest recruit is Gypsy, a springer spaniel, again a deserted animal possibly just because she was no longer suitable for breeding. She had very poor teeth and had to have dental work and Mackila, one of our staff, fell in love with her and adopted her. Gypsy is so very gentle with the residents and gets excited with anticipation when she knows she is going on a visit.

Dog: Gypsy