Kennels & Cattery, Somerset

Cuddle Buddies

When approached by a local residential home to go in every week with some friendly dogs to meet and cuddle the residents, we thought what a ‘brilliant’ idea and so set up the scheme ‘Cuddle Buddies’. We have three very eager dogs now that visit local residential homes, bringing fun and smiles to the residents.

The Cuddle Buddies


Daisy is a Labrador that was dumped as a puppy with hip dysplasia, so we decided we couldn’t rehome her and kept her with us at the kennels. She is very gentle and clever - in many of the homes she visits she knows the layout based on who saves her the most biscuits!

Dog: Daisy


Pugly the pug is 3 years old and also a rescue dog. She is a little shy but Daisy went with her to hold her paw on her very first visits. Her bestest friend is Evie and this is what Evie has to say about her  

“My name is Evie. I am 11 years old. I have Cerebral Palsy and Hydrocephalus and I love pugs!! Pugly and I have been friends for nearly a year and we have had some adventures together. Sometimes Pugly comes to my house and we play in the garden and I sit and read stories to her. She likes Jacqueline Wilson! She comes with me and Mum in the car to pick my sisters up from school and all the children (and teachers) see her and think she's very cute! Pugly makes me feel happy and calm and I like it when she makes funny noises. (Mum doesn't like it when she wees on the rug!!) I hope that Pugly and I have lots more adventures together. x” 

Dog: Daisy

Nelly (Cuddle Buddy in training)

Nelly came into us as a runt puppy she was so very tiny and needed a lot of care. She is in training to join our cuddle buddies team to go into residential homes to be cuddled by the residents and to buddy up with poorly adults and children. We think she will be a star.  

Dog: Daisy