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New Cosy Cages for our cuddle bunnies a bit hit!

Our Cosy cages arrived today for our cudde buddies. Blackie and Fluffy were the first to try them and lined up to get in first

Oldest and Youngest Cats Boarding in the Cattery

Kato, a very handsome boy, is just a few months old is with us for his very first sleep over.

Ed the chameleon tunes into Jeremy Vine on Radio 2

Ed the Chameleon tunes in to Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 Ed the chameleon is currently on his holidays with us and we have decided he is definitely a Jeremy Vine on radio 2 fan so have changed stations just for him!

woof & tumble opens at whitehouse kennels

For our residents we felt we needed more than walkies and exercise runs!! So we have created a fun play area where they can paddle in pools, run through tunnels and play hide and seek in a wendy house searching for treats!!

5 a day for guinea pigs, rabbits and tortoises

Our furry and hard shelled guests in our small animal boarding section today include 2 guinea pigs, 5 rabbits and 3 tortoises.

Flash age 42 comes in for her holidays

Flash is a european spur tortoise that has been coming to stay with us for many many years and is in fact a girl!

Toby sleeps through the night!!!

Toby the tiny yorkshire terrier looks so sweet but he has been being very troublesome for his mum.

Ollie the African Grey Parrot Learns a New Dance Routine!!

Ollie the African grey comes and stays with us normally for about 4 weeks at a time. He prefers to stay in the staff areas so he can be part of the action and can be a little rascal calling staff names as they walk past.

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