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Little Jaba touches down in the South of France

We collected little Jaba late last night and drove him through the night, so he could sleep on route and then booked him in with

Leo flys with Mum & Dad!

After Leo a gorgeous labradoodle puppy was chosen by his new family in Denmark from Sarah we helped arrange his paperwork

Paris jetsets to Boston USA

Paris the Australian labradoodle moves over to the USA flying to Boston on the British Airways BA0213 flight.

Jackson the Conure Parrot arrives Safely in Portugal

Jackson the Conure parrot arrives safely in Faro Portugal after catching an aeroplane!!! We collected Jackson the Conure parrot from South Moor Vets Devon in the middle of the night and drove him up to Gatwick so he could catch the Thomson Tom 4130 flight to Faro Portugal.

Shadow the Rescue Dog Relocates to the Highlands of Scotland

Shadow was one of our favourite rescue dogs who was with us quite some time before we found her a new family to fall in love with her.

Frequent Flyer Jasmine the Cat Age 14, Retires

Frequent flyer Jasmine the cat, age 14, retires after her travels between United Kingdom and New Zealand. Her last flight on the NZ01 with Air New Zealand on the 16 October to Auckland was her 7th flight with her family.

Froth reunited after 83 days apart

Froth has been reunited with his family in Riyadh after 83 days apart. He has been a favourite here at the kennels and we were sad to see him leave but so happy he is at last back with his family

Branston Pickle arrives down under and needs a Coat!!!

Branson "Pickles" the old english sheepdog, after spending 143 days with us here with the staff, has finished his quarantine and flown from Sydney to Perth and at last arrived back with his family. The first thing they have had to buy him is a coat as it is currently cold in Perth

Jack age 14 and 3/4s reunited with his family in Abu Dhabi UAE

Jack flew yesterday on the British Airways flight BA073 from London Heathrow to Abu Dhabi to be reunited with his family. He cleared customs last night in the early hours and here he is this morning having a big hug!! Thank you to all

Bedtime Reading for Branston our Export Dog

Branston our Old English Sheepdog is flying to Sydney with Qantas in June to be with his family. They have had to return to Australia but sadly Branston couldn't go too
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