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Archille's Story

Archille's Story

We get to see some sad cases and this is just one of them. We wouldn't be able to do what we do without the support of some very special people and this is Archille's story  ....

Achilles came into us as a stray dog that was never claimed he had an obvious debilitating injury, his hind legs had muscle wastage and he could not weight bare on them so hovered and hopped between each hind limb. His spine and lumbar were locked and in compensation for this inability to place his hind legs to help carry himself he had an overdeveloped upper torso and front limbs and managed to get around remarkably. The first person to come and help him was Ian Stobart from in his lunch break to see if there was anything he could do to help makes things better and to check he wasn't in pain or suffering in any way. The decision was made he was managing and that surgery wasn't an option and that he was not in any pain but there were other things we could do to improve the quality of his life. The first job was a much needed haircut as he was very knotted, grubby and smelly. 

We have been very lucky to have two massage therapists Rebeccah from and Harriet from come in to us from March giving much loved free massage sessions to the cuddle buddy gang. When Rebeccah and Harriet heard about Achilles they wanted to help him too and arranged for him to have free massage and physio sessions which he really loves. Today he has his new owner coming to collect him so a new chapter of his life begins and so his story will continue ..  

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