Dog Kennels & Cattery, Somerset

Cattery - The Cat Hotel

Whitehouse Kennels & Cattery has spacious facilities for boarding cats including family facilities enabling several cats from the same family to stay together comfortably.

Our staff are fully trained, have extensive experience and a genuine interest in animal welfare. Many owners become regular visitors, choosing to return with their cats time and time again. Set is the peaceful village of Eastertown with easy access to the M5, A370, A38 and a large car park to accommodate everyone. And naturally the cattery complies with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Model Licence Conditions and Guidance for Boarding Catteries and is licensed by Sedgemoor District Council.

First Class Accommodation for Cats

The cat pens are separated by full height sneeze barriers which enable guests to see their neighbour without making direct contact. All the cat pens are fully heated and provide musical entertainment. All cats are given the opportunity to exercise, to be groomed and have lots of cuddles when their pens are cleaned out. Cats are fed a balanced, nutritious diet based on their diet at home. Special diets are always catered for - even cold-water prawns and honey roast ham!


Special Requirements

Pets with special needs can be accommodated and medicines safely and properly administered. We have constructed specially adapted facilities to best look after these special cats. Whitehouse Kennels & Cattery have cared for cats with diabetes, amputated legs, blind, very elderly cats, and heavily pregnant cats with kittens imminent and any others needing round-the-clock supervision.