Kennels & Cattery, Somerset

Tails Of Success

There is nothing that makes us more happy than to have a dog that has been abandoned by a former owner find an amazing new home it gives us that real warm inside feeling! Read on…


Hello, someone might remember a lovely six month blue merle border collie that was rescued by the dog warden and came into you. You named him Zorro and you still have his picture up at the kennels. Was just looking at your site and thought you might like to hear that Wispa (Zorro) is getting on so well with me, Jo. He did have a problem, with the children but we have controlled that behaviour with a tennis ball he doesn’t always need it as he is more confident nowadays. I might even bring him in at some point. Thanks again, Jo.

Photo of a dog


One day the dog warden came in with a dog that was one of the saddest sights we have ever seen. A beautiful black and white springer spaniel we called Penny who has spent nearly her whole life in a crate. It looked like she hadn’t been allowed out of her crate even go to the toilet. She was covered in urine and excrement and it took 3 baths for her to even begin to look clean. Even her ears were filthy. She couldn’t stand properly as she didn’t have any muscle tone on her back legs as she couldn’t exercise. Slowly she started to improve. We all fell in love with her instantly. We fed her by hand and gradually took her for small walks and gave her lots of love, cuddle and kisses. By chance (or fate) a lady, Mrs W, came into the kennels looking for a rescue dog to adopt and particularly liked springer spaniels. Although Penny was not quite ready to leave us the lady came back again and again to see her and gradually Penny was ready to leave us and go and live with Mrs W.

Dog pic