Pet Travel, Boarding and Care Services

Pet Travel - Import And Export, all Globetrotters Welcome!  

Whitehouse Kennels & Cattery offer a professional and caring pet travel service and can help you relocate within the UK or overseas with your dog or cat. We are an experienced pet travel company.

Every pet we help move is treated like one of our own, so we aim to provide the ultimate travel service. With an excellent reputation our staff are trained and experienced in handling pets and we try our best to make travelling with your pet straightforward and simple for you and comfortable and safe for your beloved companion. As members of IPATA (the International Pet And Animal Transportation Association) Whitehouse Kennels & Cattery are dedicated to the highest standards to ensure your pet’s travel experience is as stress free as possible, and as cost-effective as possible for you.

Here is a little more about the full range of professional services we can offer:

Animal transport

With two, air-conditioned, specially equipped vehicles Whitehouse Kennels & Cattery offer the most comfortable journey either door-to-door or door-to-airport. Our drivers are friendly and experienced in moving animals. You have the option of transporting your pet via road or via air. We offer advice throughout this process as to what will be best for your pet to keep stress to a minimum.

Documentation for Importing & Exporting Pets

Whitehouse Kennels & Cattery offer second-to-none expertise in dealing with the entry requirements of the importing countries. Two of our staff spent many years as health and safety inspectors interpreting regulations and enforcing them, so are very familiar with the need to prepare documentation correctly. We also have an excellent relationship with Pet Transport agents around the world. We appreciate how frustrating and stressful a move can be, so we promise not to bombard you with paperwork or to overcomplicate things. We will personally deal directly with you, throughout your move, and give you and your vet clear, concise instructions about form completion. We can apply for all the necessary paperwork, like import permits and export health certificates and we liaise with DEFRA on your behalf and your authorised vet or LVI.


Pet Travel Crates

Whitehouse Kennels & Cattery can provide plastic moulded IATA crates or hand-make a crate in our onsite workshop in accordance with the IATA Live Animal Regulations. We will ask you to measure him/her to ensure their transport crate is the best possible fit for their welfare. Every crate is fitted with water bowls and is labelled up ready to go. Refer to our guidance on how to measure your pet for their custom made travel container. Please let us have these measurements when you contact us and tell us if your cat is larger than normal of if they are a snub nose breed. We will also ask you about any existing or previous medical conditions and their temperament. This is all really important to ensure their journey is a pleasant experience. 

Pet Quarantine and onward travel

Not all countries require quarantine, but if your move is abroad and your destination requires your pets to be quarantined, Whitehouse Kennels & Cattery will work with you to ensure a quarantine kennel is found to suit your needs. If you need some help collecting your pets from the airport or getting to their final destination once they have finished quarantine we can coordinate or arrange the onward journey for you too!

Animal Handlers

All our animal handlers have a heartfelt appreciation for the importance of your family pet. Their experience allows them to provide the best possible care and you can have peace of mind that only the best handlers are dealing with your pets. Your pets companion for their journey or while they stay with us are sensitive to the stress that some animals will suffer and are trained to deal with them in a gentle & sympathetic matter. Christine, who runs the team, is an environmental health officer with over 17 years enforcement experience in health and safety and animal welfare and has lectured extensively in all aspects of animal welfare and health and safety.

Kennels & Cattery Boarding Service

Whitehouse Kennels & Cattery is owned by the King family and we live on site ensuring the very best pet care 24/7. We have some pets that stay with us long term while their owners confirm appointments oversees or to meet entry requirements. Barnaby the Labrador stayed with us over 6 months before he left for Perth to be with his family and Millie the Labradoodle came to us as a puppy and left recently for Sydney having spent 6 months with us.

Veterinary Care

Whitehouse Kennels & Cattery enjoys excellent working relations with our own vet of over 15 years, Ian Stobart, and his team at the Clarendon Veterinary Centre in Weston. We also have equally beneficial relations with many other vets practices across the UK. When you leave your pet in our care, their safety and comfort is paramount even in the unlikely event they become poorly. We can also arrange for all your pet’s veterinary documentation to be in order in accordance with travel requirements.

Value for Money - Competitive Quotations

Whitehouse Kennels & Cattery offers the most competitive quotations, with our attention to the details of all the processes and procedures you can be assured both you and your pets are getting the highest standard of service and customer support. If you would like a quotation or just some advice, please contact us or complete the enquiry form. And remember, should you receive a better price elsewhere, but would prefer to work with us, please get in touch and we will try our best to price match for you.